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Windows 8 Shortcuts key

1. Getting around Windows 8 Start Screen and Desktop
Win Toggle between Desktop and Start Screen (or open Apps)
Ctrl+Tab On Start Screen: Switch Between Start Window and All Apps Window
Win, then Ctrl+Tab Open All Apps Window
Win, then start typing App Name Search and execute Apps
Escape Close Start Screen and go to Desktop
Win+E Run Explorer on Desktop
Win+R Execute Run on Desktop
Win+X Open Power User Commands on Desktop
Alt+F4 Shutdown Windows
Win+L Lock Computer
Win+F1 Open Windows Help

2. Windows 8 Charme Shortcuts
Tip: Pressing Escape typically closes most Charme menus.
Win+C Open Windows Charme. Use arrow keys and enter to select item. Press
Win+Q Search Charme / last search option
Win+F Search Files
Win+W Search Windows Settings
Win+I Open Settings including Desktop, Control Panel, Personalization, PC Info, Help
Win+H Share Charme
Win+K Device Charme
Win+S Search Settings
Win+F Search Files
Win+Z Show Options / App Bar in current Metro Apps if available.

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